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How to Choose the Best Mattress – Safe Buying Guide
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How to Choose the Best Mattress – Safe Buying Guide

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The quality of the mattress you sleep on is essential to ensure optimal rest, without causing postural or back problems. Here is a guide designed to illustrate the features to pay more attention, allowing you to orient yourself among the many models on the market, so that you can choose the best mattress, according to your tastes and your needs.

When it comes to buying a new mattress, it is essential to make a whole series of considerations and reflections of various kinds. Because nowadays many different options are available on the market and in general the initial investment is not negligible.

So let’s start by seeing when it is necessary to replace our old mattress, what factors to take into account.

When to change the old mattress?

We begin by saying that the average life of a standard mattress is around seven / ten years, after which, even if we do not experience particular discomforts, it will be good to start thinking of buying a new one.

Undoubtedly, when one begins to wake up in the morning with back or neck pains, it immediately comes to mind that perhaps it is time to replace the old mattress. Also if the surface of the mattress has strange depressions or the external coating is no longer be in good condition we should think of replacing it.keep in mind that every day that passes it loses some of its elasticity, becoming more rigid and consequently increasing the pressure points.Unfortunately, however, our body tends to adapt and get used to the surface on which it rests. So when you begin to experience joint pains, which can also lead to postural severe and health problems, it is now late, and it has probably been some time since you should have replaced the mattress!

If you are still not convinced of this, know that the replacement of the mattress, whatever the type of support chosen, after a certain number of years is necessary, at least for a hygienic question! Over time, unfortunately, any mattress tends to fill with mites and bacteria, which often cause allergies, rhinitis, and asthma. It is scientifically proven that every night our body loses about a gram and a half of dead cells, releasing sweat, fragments of skin, hair, dandruff, moods body, which partly evaporates, but partially remain on the linen and are absorbed by the mattress.

So if your mattress is approaching to make its ten years know that, regardless of how much it has cost, now, is to be replaced.

How to choose the best mattress?

It is practically impossible to which one is the best mattress on the market today because it entirely depends on your preference and needs. It is always good to focus on products of good quality as we spend about a third of our life in bed. A good mattress should be comfortable, ergonomic, hypoallergenic, breathable and able to regulate body temperature.

Let see what factors we must pay more attention to when we are going to buy a new mattress.

The dimensions

The first thing to understand when you are about to buy a new mattress is if you want a single model, rather than a double, a square and a half or even oversized.The ideal mattresses for tall folks are the king, queen, or twin XL mattresses that measure 80 inches in size. In case you are taller than 6 feet 4 inches, a California king would be your best choice because it is 4 inches longer than conventional mattress sizes (72 inches by 84 inches).

The height of the mattress

Another critical parameter to consider in a mattress is its height. In general, a good range regarding the thickness of the mattresses is between 8 and 12 inches; while a very high mattress does not generally cause any problem. On the other hand, the one that is too thin may not be very uncomfortable for the first time but can be unhealthy, causing muscular, articular and cervical pains eventually.

Support stiffness and user weight

It is essential to choose a mattress that is neither excessively rigid. Otherwise, you do not have a correct distribution of body weight, nor too soft, because the body tends to sink and does not appropriately support the spine, as well as increase the sensation of heat limiting the passage of air.

For the more robust people it is better to opt for more rigid support and above all those who are overweight would be better oriented towards a model with sustained lift springs. In that case latex, memory foam and other types of foam are not much suitable.

External coating

Another factor of extreme importance in choosing the best product to buy is the external coating since it is the layer that is more directly in contact with the skin and therefore inevitably has a direct influence on both the quality of sleep and the cost of the mattress, its comfort, its freshness, and its maintainability.

Many different materials can be used to cover a mattress, from synthetic ones such as viscose or polyester to more natural ones such as cotton or wool; The ideal would be mattresses with a removable lining, which can be completely removed and washed. You can find some products “hypoallergenic,” which are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

The environment in which the mattress will be placed?

When you are preparing to buy a mattress, you must always consider where it will be placed because not all types of commercially available products are suitable for all environmental conditions.For example, latex mattresses are not advisable in particularly humid environments, as the rubber they are made of, tends to absorb water in the air very quickly. And therefore if they are not adequately ventilated, there is a real risk of forming mold, which would undoubtedly end up not only compromising the appearance of the mattress, but also its functionality and hygiene; in these situations the best option would be a memory foam mattress that does not fear in any way the presence of moisture.


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